Odessa Texas Cracked or Broken iPad Screen Repair - We Fix Your Broken and Cracked iPad Glass Screen


Odessa Broken or Cracked iPad Screen Repair Service


If you live in Odessa Texas and have dropped or damaged your iPad screen, we can help you. Our Texas iPad repair facility provides complete iPad screen replacement service for Odessa residence, businesses, schools and university clients.

1 Year Warranty on iPad Screen
30 Days Money Back Policy
Brand New Original iPad Replacement Screens
1 Day Repair Turnaround Time
Free Two Way FedEx Shipping in Texas

Our Odessa iPad screen repair service is simple. We will email you a free pre-paid shipping label that you take to any local Kinko's/FedEx shipping office. We receive your iPad and repair it in one day and send it back to you in Odessa with free shipping.



Information About Your iPad Display:

Your iPad display is made up of two separate parts. The external glass where you touch and the internal part where you see your apps, videos, pictures, games, etc.

iPad external glass screen is known as the touchscreen or the digitizer. It provide touch functionality to you. When you drop your iPad, this glass screen is the most common part to be cracked and broken.

The second part to your iPad display is the LCD screen which is beneath your iPad touchscreen. This screen is similar to a Macbook or laptop screen where you see images, videos, apps, etc.

If you LCD gets damaged, you are likely to see lines, abnormal colors, flickers, or just a dead black screen.

We can provide repair for both the touchscreen and LCD screen in your iPad.

Our Odessa iPad screen repair service provides affordable iPad screen replacement and repair for residence, businesses, schools and universities in Odessa Texas.

Our iPad Service Difference: We provide the most cost effective iPad repair service for Odessa clients. Our experienced iPad repair technicians have extensive experience in repairing Apple iPad devices. We use the best quality replacement parts with one year warranty.


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Common Questions About Our Odessa iPad Screen Repair Services:

Q- Do you have a physical location in Odessa, Texas?
A- No, we have a repair facility north of Dallas which provides iPad repair for entire state of Texas with free FedEx shipping anywhere in Texas. We also provide free shipping service by US Post Office if you do not have Kinko's or FedEx shipping center nearby.

Q- How long does it take for the repair to be completed?
A- It takes about one business day to complete the repair and send your iPad back to Odessa with FedEx

Q- How much does it cost to replace my cracked or broken iPad touchscreen?
A- Please check our iPad repair rates page.

Q- Do you use original iPad screens?
A- We buy our screens from the same manufacturers that Apple uses to manufacture their screens such as Samsung and LG

Q- Will the screen look and function the same as the original one?
A- Yes

Q- What is the warranty?
A- We provide one year warranty on the screen and 30 days warranty on the labor. Warranty covers everything except if you break the screen or physically damage it.

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