How To Repair New iPad 3 Screen


Have you cracked and broken your New iPad 3 screen and need to know how to repair the screen? Many New iPad 3 owners who break their screens wonder how to repair and replace their broken and cracked glass screens since in most cases Apple will not cover these damages under warranty.

We are here to help you. We provide replacement service for the New iPad 3 glass screen (In United States). Our iPad repair facility in north Texas provide fast one day repair turn around time for your New iPad 3 touchscreen glass and other display parts. 

As an added value, we provide free two way FedEx shipping anywhere in United States. Please contact us by phone or use the contact form below to request a repair quote for your New iPad 3 display screen repair.

New iPad 3 Screen Replacement Service
New iPad 3 LCD Screen Replacement
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The New iPad 3 display is compromised of two separate parts usually know as the touchscreen and the LCD screen.

New iPad 3 touchscreen or the digitizer is the outer glass where you touch for the touchscreen functionality.

New iPad 3 LCD screen is the part where you see the apps, videos, pictures, etc. This part is very similar to the LCD screen of a Macbook or laptop.

In most cases, when you drop and damage your iPad, the glass touchscreen is the part that will damage and crack.

If you see your apps on the screen without any problems, then usually the LCD screen is not damaged and doesn't not require replacement.

Our New iPad 3 Glass Repair Warranty:

  • 1 year warranty on the screen

  • 30 days warranty on labor

  • Brand new original New iPad 3 screen

  • 30 days money back policy

  • Fully certified iPad repair technicians

  • 1 day repair turn around time

  • Free two way FedEx and US Post Office Shipping


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How To Repair New iPad 3 Cracked or Broken Screen